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Election Security

Have you ever wondered how state and county election officials secure elections?

The Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) collaborates with federal and state law enforcement partners to remain vigilant on current and emerging threats that may impact elections.

At both the state and local level, in conjunction with experts from the state and federal Departments of Homeland Security, Center for Internet Security, and other key partners, Pennsylvania is employing extensive measures to stay one step ahead of any threats to our infrastructure.  These measures include comprehensive monitoring and assessment of risk, fortification of physical and cyber security, employing mitigation actions for issues identified, providing training and resources to partners, and increasing communications at all levels.

Election security video prepared by the Elections Assistance Commission (EAC)

The U.S. Elections Assistance Commission also prepared a video to summarize the measures employed by state and local election officials across the nation to safeguard elections, voter registration data, voting systems, and more. As you’ll see, a lot goes into election preparation, but it’s worth protecting the democratic process.

 EAC Election Security Video