What are your voting needs?

Pennsylvania residents have many unique voting needs.
Select from the list above what best describes your situation.

​​​Person Who Has Recently Moved

If yo​u have recently moved, keep the following guidelines in mind:

    • If you moved from the residence where you are registered to vote to another Pennsylvania residence less than 30 d​ays before an election, you must vote at your former residence. When you arrive to vote, tell the local Election Official of your change of address so that you can vote correctly at your new address in the future.
      • ​After the election, but at least 30 days prior to the next election, change your voter registration by submitting a new Voter Registration Mail Application form​ (PDF). Simply select the box that says 'Change of Address.'

  • If​ you h​ave moved more than 30 days before an election but did not change your address with Voter Registration Officials, you must vote at the polling place of your old residence, where you are registered to vote. However, you may only vote once at the original polling place and you must abide by special procedures, called �fail-safe voting.� These procedures include:
    • If you have moved within the same county, inform the Election Officials at the polling place that you have moved and would like to change your registration by filling out an affirmation that states your new address.
    • You will be permitted to vote at the old polling place based on your previous residence, but the County Voter Registration Commission will update its records after the election.
    • You will receive a new voter certification card in the mail that will show your new address and polling place.
    • You will not be able to vote again at your old polling place (unless, of course, it also serves your new residence).

  • If you have moved to a different county in Pennsylvania, you must inform the Election Officials at your old polling place that you have moved to a different county and would like to have your registration changed. The Election Officials will let you vote at the old polling place based on your former residence, but they will require you to complete an affirmation declaring your new address and county of residence. After the election, the respective county voter registration commission will update their records. You will receive by mail a voter certification card from the new county. You cannot vote in your old county again unless you establish a residence there again and re-register to vote.

  • If you have moved to a different state, you may be required to register before you can vote in your new state of residence. You can cancel your registration in Pennsylvania by completing a Request to Cancel Voter Registration form (PDF) and mailing it to your former county of residence in Pennsylvania.