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​Register to Vote

Online Voter Registration
​Web Form
​Online Voter Registration FAQ
​Web Page
How to register to vote: Step-by-step instructions for online registration​Video
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (English)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Spanish)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Chinese Simplified - updates coming soon)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Chinese Traditional - updates coming soon)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Vietnamese - updates coming soon)
​Form (PDF)
Voter ​Request to Cancel Voter Registration (English)
Voter Request to Cancel Voter Registration (Spanish)
​Form (PDF)
Find your Voter Registration Status​Web Form


​Voting in Pennsylvania

Voter Guide (English)
Voter Guide (Spanish)
​Pamphlet (PDF)
Top 5 Things Every Voter Should Know about Pennsylvania Elections (English)
Top 5 Things Every Voter Should Know about Pennsylvania Elections (Spanish)
​Pamphlet (PDF)
Toolkit for Pennsylvania Voters​​Pamphlet (PDF)
2019 Election Calendar
​Pamphlet (PDF)
Voting System Demos​Videos
Find Your Polling PlaceWeb Form


​Contact Information
County Election Office Contacts
​Web Form
Title III Complaint Form​Form (PDF)
Online Complaint Form​Web Form


Mail-in Ballot
Application for Mail-in Balllot
​From (PDF)


​Vote by Absentee
What Pennsylvania Voters Need to Know about Civilian Absentee Ballots
​Pamphlet (PDF)
Identification for Absentee Voting​Pamphlet (PDF)
Application for Absentee Ballot
​Form (PDF)
Application for Emergency Absentee Ballot​Form (PDF)
Application for Permanent Absentee Ballot​Form (PDF)
​Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot (for emergencies that occur after 5 p.m. on the Friday before the Primary or General Election)​Form (PDF)


​Vote by Alternative Ballot
Application for Alternative Ballot​Form (PDF)
Application for Emergency Alternative Ballot​Form (PDF)


Agent or Assistant Forms for Absentee or Alternative Ballots
Certification of Designated Agent Form (Absentee or Alternative Ballot)
Form (PDF)
Certification of Authorized Representative Form
Form (PDF)
Designation of Agent to Assist Disabled Voter in Voting by Absentee or Alternative Ballot
​Form (PDF)
Designation of Authorized Representative to Assist Emergency Absentee Ballot Applicant
Form (PDF)


​Provisional Ballots
​Search the status of your provisional ballot
​Web Form


​Other Information
Voting Rights of Convicted Felons, Convicted Misdemeanants and Pretrial Detainees​Pamphlet (PDF)
Pennsylvania Governor's Civic Engagement Award​:
​Web Forms
Federal Voting Assistance Program for Military and Overseas Voters
​​Guide to Running a Voter Registration Drive in Pennsylvania
​Website & Phamphlet (PDF)