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​Register to Vote

Online Voter Registration
​Web Form
​Online Voter Registration FAQ
​Web Page
How to register to vote: Step-by-step instructions for online registration​Video
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (English)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Spanish)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Chinese Simplified - updates coming soon)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Chinese Traditional - updates coming soon)
Pennsylvania Voter Registration Mail Application (Vietnamese - updates coming soon)
​Form (PDF)
Voter ​Request to Cancel Voter Registration (English)
Voter Request to Cancel Voter Registration (Spanish)
​Form (PDF)
Find your Voter Registration Status​Web Form


​Voting in Pennsylvania

2020 Election Calendar
​Pamphlet (PDF)
Voting System Information​Web Form
Find Your Polling PlaceWeb Form


​Contact Information
County Election Office Contacts
​Web Form
Title III Complaint Form​Form (PDF)
Online Complaint Form​Web Form


Mail-in Ballot
Information about Mail-in Ballots
​Web Page
​Apply Online for a Mail-in Ballot
​Web Form
Application for Mail-in Balllot (English)
​From (PDF)
Application for Mail-in Balllot (Spanish)
​From (PDF)


Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot
​Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot (For Emergencies That Occur Between 5:00 P.M. Tuesday and 5:00 P.M. Friday Before the Primary or Election) - Coming Soon
​Form (PDF)
​Emergency Application for Absentee Ballot (for emergencies that occur after 5 p.m. on the Friday before the Primary or General Election) - Comming Soon
​Form (PDF)


​Vote by Absentee

Identification for Absentee Voting​Pamphlet (PDF)
​Information about Absentee Ballots
​Web Page
Apply Online for an Absentee Ballot
​Web form
Application for Absentee Ballot
​Form (PDF)


​Vote by Alternative Ballot
Application for Alternative Ballot​Form (PDF)
Application for Emergency Alternative Ballot​Form (PDF)


​Provisional Ballots
​Search the status of your provisional ballot
​Web Form


​Other Information
Voting Rights of Convicted Felons, Convicted Misdemeanants and Pretrial Detainees
​Pamphlet (PDF)
2018 Remedial Congressional Districts
​Web Page
Pennsylvania Governor's Civic Engagement Award​:
​Web Forms
Federal Voting Assistance Program for Military and Overseas Voters
​​Guide to Running a Voter Registration Drive in Pennsylvania
​Website & Phamphlet (PDF)