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Voters with Disabilities

This training module was created by the Pennsylvania Department of State with the help of good governance advocates and county election officials.  

For information about election operations in your county, contact your county election office. For step-by-step instructions on how voters use the voting system in your county, visit our Voting System Demo page.


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Question 1: If a voter tells you that they need help to vote, but the poll book does not say that they require assistance, what should you do?

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Have the voter complete a Declaration of Need of Assistance. 

Question 2: Do voters with disabilities have to vote independently?

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No. Voters with disabilities can choose to vote independently, or they can have someone help them vote. 

Question 3: Can voters bring their own devices to help them vote?

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Yes. Voters with disabilities can bring assistive devices. Some devices are plugged into the ballot marking device to help them vote.

Question 4: My county uses hand marked paper ballots. Do we have to provide accessible voting equipment?

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Yes. Every polling place must have an accessible ballot marking device.

Question 5: Which of the following are good tips for interacting with voters with disabilities?

A - Speak directly to the voter, even when someone is there to assist them.

B - Be attentive, patient and allow the voter to complete their thoughts or actions.

C - Do not automatically assist unless the voter clearly needs help or has asked for assistance.

D - All of the above.

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D - All of the above.

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