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Accessible Voting for Citizens with a Disability

Voters over 65 and voters with a disability may get help voting. You have several choices for how to vote.

Is there an accessible voting system at my polling place?

Every polling place in Pennsylvania must have at least one accessible voting system. Sometimes this is the general voting system used by all voters. It may be a separate system with features such as audio, tactile keys and other assistive technology.

How do I get assistance at the polling place?

In some cases, a polling place may not be accessible for those with disabilities. If a polling place is not accessible, you may bring a person of your choice to assist you in the voting process. There are a few restrictions on who to bring, including that you may not choose a person who is: 

    • A Judge of Elections
    • Your Union Representative
    • Your Employer

The first time you use assistance, the election officials at your polling place will ask you to complete and sign a form, the Declaration of Need of Assistance. After the first time, your registration record will note your request for assistance.

What if I have a permanent disability?

If you have a permanent disability, you may apply to get a permanent absentee ballot. If accepted, you would get sent an absentee or alternative ballot application for each election.  

If your County Board of Elections says your polling place inaccessible, you can vote by alternative ballot.