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​Annual Mail-in Voter List

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The Department of State maintains an annual mail-in voter list. 

Voters who ask to be added to the list will receive an application by the first Monday in February of each year to renew their mail-in ballot request. 

Once their application is approved, their county will automatically send them mail-in ballots for all elections held that year, as well as for any special elections held through the third Monday in February of the next year.

For example, if you requested to be on the annual mail-in voter list prior to the 2020 Primary, and your application for a mail-in ballot was approved, you will have received a ballot for the Primary and you will automatically receive a ballot for the November General Election, as well as ballots for any special elections held on or before February 21, 2021.

Am I already on the list?

Can't remember if you already signed up for the annual mail-in ballot list? Visit:, enter your information, then see if your ballot for the next election is pending:

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Or you can contact your county election office. Visit to find your county's contact information.

What if I move...

If you have requested to be on the annual list, if you still live in the same county as when you applied, you do not need to re-apply for a mail-in ballot.  You will automatically receive a ballot in the mail in September or October.  In addition, if you see "pending" in your status column, you do not need to reapply for a ballot. You will automatically receive a ballot in the mail in September or October.

If you recently moved, or will move before the November election, contact your county election office to ensure your mail-in or absentee ballot will be sent to your new address. If you moved out of your previous county, you will need to update your registration and request to maintain your permanent mail-in ballot status or have your existing mail-in application transferred.  

How do I cancel my ballot request?

Fill out the REQUEST TO CANCEL MY BALLOT REQUEST (form in Spanish) form If you: 

  • You no longer wish to receive a mail ballot for the upcoming election and request for your ballot request to be canceled.
  • If you are a permanent or annual voter, you are also requesting for your permanent status to be canceled and to cancel all ballot requests for any upcoming election(s). If you would like to receive a mail ballot in the future, you’ll need to reapply for one.

    (A permanent or annual mail-in voter is someone who requested to receive a mail-in ballot automatically for every election for which they’re eligible that year. The voter is then given a choice to renew this request each future year if they choose.)

Then send it to your county election office. This form can only be completed by the voter.

Apply TODAY!

Apply online for a mail-in ballot

Provide an email address to receive notifications about your application and ballot status.
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