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Voting at a Polling Place

​You can vote in person at an assigned polling place near where you live.  Use this page to learn more about voting in a polling place.

Polling places are open from 7 am to 8 pm on Election Day.  If you have questions, you can ask a poll worker.

What will I do at the polling place?

​1. Sign the voter roster list next to your name. ​ 2. Mark your ballot.​  3. Cast your ballot

What can I expect at the polling place?

Voting systems can vary from county to county, so learn about what to expect before you arrive.

More information on voting at the polling place:

How do I fill out my ballot?

Whether you vote on a paper ballot or on an electronic system, review your ballot carefully.

On a paper ballot:

Don't vote for too many​​Vote for the number allowed​Always fill in the bubble, even for a write-in

What if I have a problem?

    • If you need help voting or if you cannot use the voting system because of a disability, ask the poll workers about accessible voting options.
    • If your name is not in the voter roster, you may have the right to vote on a provisional ballot.  Your vote will count if election officials determine that you are eligible to vote.